Messages of Peace

For many of the women we work with in war-torn countries across the globe, peace is something they hope and strive for on a daily basis. In countries like Rwanda, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Afghanistan, recent wars have left peoples' lives in tatters. We frequently hear heartbreaking stories of the personal losses and violent attacks suffered by women in these countries, and also of the day-to-day struggles they face trying to access basic resources like food, water and healthcare.

The conflict of war does not end when negotiations begin – the transition from war to peace is a long and hard one. It is essential that during this transition women's voices are heard at peace negotiation tables, in parliament, and in their communities. In many of the countries we work in peace has yet to be fully realised, and is a fragile concept that must be strengthened by the solidarity of the international community. Our support can ensure that women are given an equal voice on the road to peace, and their dream of equality can be fully realised.

One way we are asking you to show your support for these women peace builders is by sending us your message of peace to share with them as part of our Join me on the Bridge campaign. Last year Bridge events were held in 70 countries worldwide, including the war affected countries Women for Women International work with. Sharing your messages of peace with women in these countries lets them know that they do not stand alone, and that they have the support and solidarity of women and men all over the world as they continue their struggle to achieve peace and equality. To add your message of peace visit the Join me on the Bridge wesbite, or tweet @womenforwomeuk using #msgofpeace. Without women sustainable peace cannot be achieved.

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